Hola! I’m Isabel Jalón Rojas. I am a coastal physical oceanographer working at the Sino-Australian Research Center for Coastal Management, at UNSW Canberra (Australia). My research interests deal with estuarine and coastal hydrodynamics, sediment and microplastic transport and morphodynamics. I am particularly interested in understanding how climate change and human interventions impact estuarine systems. My research involves numerical and semi-analytical modeling and observational studies. It is directed both at basic research questions and applied problems of societal concern, such as water quality.

I am currently studying the transport of microplastics in small coastal embayments. My project aims to improve the modelling of plastic transport in order to evaluate the relative importance of different physical processes on microplastics pathways and fate.

I obtained my Ph.D degree in Environmental Physics from the University of Bordeaux (France). My Ph.D. dissertation concentrated on the hydrodynamics and the suspended sediment transport of the Gironde fluvio-estuarine system (SW France). Specifically I studied the changes in suspended sediment dynamics in relation to environmental forcings and local and global perturbations. During my Ph.D I did a 3-months research stay at the Department of Applied Mathematics of TU Delft (The Netherlands).

Prior to that, I completed two Master’s degrees in Environmental Management of Water Systems (University of Cantabria, Spain) and in Civil Engineering (University of Granada, Spain). During this period I participated in several interdisciplinary research projects. I did a first M.Sc. thesis about water flow in coastal porous media and a second one about the effect of cross-shore beach profile on runup elevation.